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Break free from 
Lower Back Pain

• Immediate relief from lower back pain
• Rests overworked back muscles

• Uses controlled decompression therapy


Tired of constant lower back pain? The LBRT pillow uses controlled decompression therapy™. It gently flattens the inward curve of the lower back so your over-worked lower back muscles finally stretch out, rest and turn off.

 Relief is immediate!

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Gently Flattens Back

gently flattening or slightly reversing the inward curve of the lower back

Turns off muscles

Rest and stretches out overworked
back muscles

Silver and pink hand massager for alleviating hand fatigue and improving blood circulation.

Controlled Decompression

controlled decompression for exceptional relief, comfort and therapy

Immediate Relief

The relief and comfort is immediate

“a greater than 90% success rate for treating lower back
pain using the pillows according to clinical research”

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What Customers Are Saying

Immediate relief.

Immediate relief. When I was using it in bed laying down or on the couch, immediate relief in terms of keeping the coccyx elevated and off the pressure. For that purpose it was extremely helpful

Relief was absolutely immediate.

Relief was absolutely immediate. It allowed me to stretch my lower back by moving my legs horizontally (e.g. back and forth across a horizontal plane) and rotate thenm left and right (eg. 90-degrees to the left and 90 drgreesa to the right). This allowed me to target the pain and stretches that would do me the most good.

It helped immensely

I was experiencing back pain and discomfort for months. I tried many things and am glad I received this pillow. It helped immensely, I am now able to be more active physically and have not experienced pain and discomfort for months

How LBRT works

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