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How is it that this pillow works so well for lower back pain relief?

The postural position which our LBRT pillow provides for the user is essentially what is known as the “dead bug” position. This is a term commonly used in the personal training and physiotherapy disciplines to describe a unique position whereby the lower back muscles are completely neutral or “turned off”. This unique position creates instant relief of most common, generalized lower back pain.

Up until the time we invented our LBRT (lower back relief and therapy) pillow, there was no way get into this position and relax for any period of time. Loose cushions and pillows simply don’t work and do not provide any stability. The LBRT pillow provides complete stability, relaxation, comfort and self adjustment by the user for more or less stretching of the lower back. So, as a solution, the LBRT pillow quite literally begins with the answer. We created two versions of the pillow so people could use it in the most common positions of relaxation – laying down, or sitting.

Why are there two pillows?

In developing the LBRT pillows, the bed version was first. This was mainly due to chronic lower back pain preventing people from sleeping since they could not get into any position which alleviated their cramping lower back discomfort. This seemed to be the most important issue to solve for those experiencing generalized lower back pain or suffering from a lower back injury. Still, many people prefer to relax on a couch and read or watch television. Knowing this we next developed the couch version of the pillow so people could quickly alleviate their lower back pain while simply sitting on a couch and reading or watching television.

How do I get in and out of the pillows?

Please see our video on getting into the pillows. A few simple ways to comfortably get into both pillows are demonstrated on the video. To get out of the pillows, simply reverse the way you get into them. You can also deflate the pillow slightly or fully to get out of them. For the couch pillow, depending on your height, standing on a small riser in front of your couch will allow you to sit back into it more easily.

What if my pillow has an air leak?

Please see our “100% Customer Satisfaction Policy”. We will gladly replace or refund your pillow if it leaks. Please remember that all small inflatable products will generally lose a little bit of air over time and will need to be topped up with air now and then.

Are there any other colors available?

Currently we only offer the one light grey color for both pillows. In the future, we will try to offer additional color choices.

What validation or research do you have supporting your claims that this pillow works to effectively relieve back pain?

The general postural positions the pillows creates – a neutral to slightly stretched lumber back - are understood to alleviate generalized lower back pain and these postural positions are used regularly by health professionals for their clients. Our pillows allow for self adjustment into these positions by any user while completely at rest. As such, these pillows simply allow for the elegant use of a proven solution which already existed. Leading medical doctors and chiropractors have been consulted confirming the effectiveness of the pillows and the postural positions they provide. Further, since 2015, hundreds of strength athletes of all sizes with varying degrees of chronic lower back pain and injuries have used the pillows with great success in relieving pain and stretching out their lower backs. Finally, a clinical research trial resulted in a greater than 90% success rate for treating lower back pain using the pillows.