How is it that this pillow works so well for lower back pain relief?

The postural position which our LBRT pillow provides for the user is essentially what is known as the “dead bug” position. This is a term commonly used in the personal training and physiotherapy disciplines to describe a unique position whereby the lower back muscles are completely neutral or “turned off”. This unique position creates instant relief of most common, generalized lower back pain.

Up until the time we invented our LBRT (lower back relief and therapy) pillow, there was no way get into this position and relax for any period of time. Loose cushions and pillows simply don’t work and do not provide any stability. The LBRT pillow provides complete stability, relaxation, comfort and self adjustment by the user for more or less stretching of the lower back. So, as a solution, the LBRT pillow quite literally begins with the answer. We created two versions of the pillow so people could use it in the most common positions of relaxation – laying down, or sitting.